Monday's Deep-Dive workshops


These will be small group workshops where you will get to go further into the material covered over the Tending the Threshold weekend. There are three tracks: 1) The “creative” track with Tannur "SheWrightz" Ali; 2) The “internal” track with Carmen Spagnola + Holly Truhlar; and, 3) The “external” track with Donnie Maclurcan. Each participant can choose the track that feels most nourishing and impactful for their personal integration. More information on the different tracks and logistics below:


emergent creativity: Trusting Self, Tuning In, Turning Up

with tannur "SHEWRIGHTZ" ali

As artists, many of us find ourselves relegated to the stage; placed on a pedestal often too tricky to climb down from.  Join Tannur SheWrightz Ali for a full day-deep dive to explore Social Artistry techniques that help us tune in to what is being called for in shared spaces.  Once tuned in, learning to trust our inner guidance for what and how to share our gifts can transform spaces from performative to deeply connected. We will explore how this inner work can happen in a room full of people to turn up the volume of joy and connection.

Tannur's website:


integration ritual: Aligning with your learning

with carmen spagnola + holly truhlar

Join Holly Truhlar and Carmen Spagnola for a day out on the land to process and metabolize your time at the Threshold before returning to everyday life. With time for both group and solo ritual, we'll use a somatic approach to explore specific feelings of Fear, Grief, Anger, Confusion and ultimately, Love, Hope, Connection and Gratitude. This is a time to share a meal, some circling and witnessing, and also to reconnect with the land and our plant and animal allies. 

Carmen's website:; Holly's website:

*If weather allows, this workshop will be done outside on land close to the conference venue. We will be walking a half mile distance (or more if chosen by the individual participant).


The Power of Asset-based Approaches: Amplifying impact by building on what's already working

with donnie maclurcan

It’s a life-affirming experience to participate in a group and be reminded of the good, true, and beautiful. Join social entrepreneur Donnie Maclurcan for a full-day immersion in the power of 'asset-based approaches' – unleash powerful and creative possibilities by starting every process with what’s already working. Learn practical tools for reframing your work to inspire your colleagues, collaborators and community, allowing you to tackle complex issues even more effectively.

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more Logistics:


The day will start at 9:00am and end around 4:00pm with a 90-minute lunch. All tracks will start and end the day at the Ashland Hills Hotel. If registered for at the same time as the two-day conference registration for the deep-dive is $55.  The cost without concurrent conference registration is $75. We want this event to be accessible to all, please let us know if you are limited by financial constraints and we can provide a discount code or complimentary registration. If you have further questions please email