We're committed to economic justice and to challenging white supremacy, capitalism, ableism and all systems of oppression in every aspect of our event. As part of that, we have a commitment to making our programs accessible and affordable to poor and working class people and people of color who are on the frontlines of social and environmental justice movements. We ask that people who have unearned power and class privilege, especially those who were raised upper-middle or owning class, buy the highest priced ticket possible and/or donate to the solidarity fund in order to support marginalized, poor, and/or working class leaders’ participation.

We're committed to making sure money is not a barrier to participation. As such, we have a solidarity fund that sponsors people with marginalized identities and less financial privilege. Please contact us if you have the need and would like to be sponsored to attend this event. (Most of the wording regarding our commitment to economic justice and creating a solidarity fund was taken from Generative Somatics explanation of their sliding scale.)