Overview: We are a core team of people within the organization who are living together and collaborating to create and strengthen movements for deep change. We are orientating our lives to create or join in struggles that address white supremacy and racism, capitalism, patriarchy, imperialism, colonialism, the State, and other systems of oppression.

We believe our capacity to heal and transform the planet is directly connected to re-nurturing our communities and revitalizing our commitment to enhancing each others lives. We can only overcome the multitude of crises we face on the globe together- not separate or alone. This residential community project is about how some of us can experiment in the ways we can come together economically, socially, politically, and culturally in a world that has largely lost this insight and practice.

Some practices at the heart of this residential community include:

Timeline for Residential Community Project

Timeline for Residential Community Project(2).jpg

Phase One: Organizational Development and Sensing Collective Attunement

  • Explore interpersonal connection

  • Explore and identify collaborative projects

  • Clarify decision-making process(es)

  • Clarify how conflict is navigated

  • Clarify Purpose, Points of Unity, and Mission of the community/organization

  • Clarify structure of the community/organization

  • Identify core practices for the community

  • Develop criteria for land search

Phase Two: Residential Community Experimentation, Organizational Development and Action

  • Begin renting or leasing a shared residence

  • Clarify: are we a good crew together? (Do we experience ease, enjoyment, support, inspiration around each other?)

  • Identify core projects for the community/organization

  • Identify potential long-term community space for any group or group(s) that have synergy in the residential project

If one or more groups have sufficient synergy for collaboration and co-living at the end of Phase Two :

Phase Three: Residential Community and Organizational Expansion

  • After locating or deciding on a long-term housing site, establish permanent site for community hub

  • Identifying long-term projects and community offerings

  • Further processes to be determined by the group