Tending the Threshold

Relationship + Ritual + Revolution


This is an experience of radical togetherness, disruptive social change, and emergent creativity. There will be art, beauty, play, grief, gratitude, conflict, intimacy, and community. In other words, this is not the patriarchy's conventional conference.

We'll practice Radical Attunement Work by acknowledging the unpredictable and unprecedented times we're in, building awareness of the systems in place that keep us oppressed, activating towards responsive social change, and creating a community of care where we can continue to practice our liberation strategies. As a large group, we'll engage in Deep Democracy work around a topic that's arising from the participants and emergent space we create. We'll learn trauma informed embodiment practices, creative conflict resolution, and community-building exercises. 

The entire "conference" will be fully immersive and engaging with every facilitator and participant playing an integral role in the unfolding. Each facilitator was chosen for their ability to work with difficult and fluid material. We've put together a team that's capable of creating magic and holding the most tender parts of our collective psyche.

Are you ready to join us in the threshold?

We're saving your seat in the circle.




We're committed to making sure money is not a barrier to participation. As such, we have a solidarity fund that sponsors people with marginalized identities and less financial privilege. Please contact us if you have the need and would like to be sponsored to attend this event.


  • You yearn for connection with people who are committed to a more just and compassionate world
  • You're tired of the sham-show we're being force fed by mainstream messages and want to create more meaningful memes for your personal life and the collective psyche
  • Spoken word, poetry, movement, art, relationship, and ritual get you going
  • You're looking for the opportunity to do the often uncomfortable yet deeply rewarding work needed to dismantle white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression of all types 
  • The terms "holy outrage" and "sacred grief" make you point at your screen and say "YES!" 
  • Decomposition as an act of rebellion sounds pretty awesome
  • You're into (or at least don't mind) deep belly laughter, heart broken weeping, cussing, and the messiness of the unknown
  • You recognize the fuckery of the dominant system and want to be with others who do too
  • You realize we (desperately) need more elders and you're up to the task of becoming one (no matter your age)
  • You recognize this conference isn't actually for YOU, it's for the communal well-being and the creation of something bigger, more important, than any of us as individuals 


We're less concerned about what we're each, as individuals, going to get out of this experience and more interested in looking at what we're all bringing to the communal well-being. That being written, we have no doubt you'll be nourished and broken open, here's some of the ways this could happen at this conference:

  • An integrated experience of Radical Attunement Work and how it can help us move into a culture of care
  • Connections with other people who are committed to a more just and compassionate world
  • Embodiment practices that help you manage and hold your center as things are unpredictable and chaotic
  • Communication skills that help you move into safe and brave space with the people around you
  • A deepened understanding of what's happening and how we can creatively come together to face the predicaments of our times
  • A different way of being in the world that speaks the truth, leans into the unknown, and invites in the marginalized aspects of ourselves and others 
  • Experience co-creating ritual and working with grief as a way to ground amidst these transitional times
  • An indescribable yet unforgettable shift in your own psyche, as well as the communal well-being, that heals our collective wounds both forward and backward in time (we can't really put words to this, and we don't want to sound too fluffy, but it happens)
  • Direct and actionable ways to create social change in your local community

“The need for elders is more urgent than ever. Becoming an elder is not a factor of psychological development or achievement. It is a matter of learning the ways of soul and exploring the ways in which you can serve the soul of the world. You are needed and you will be given ample opportunities to bring your gifts into the world.”
— Francis Weller